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Chiropractic Care in Short North, Columbus

Free consultationDr. Smith with a patientOur Short North, Columbus, Ohio Chiropractic office specializes in treating pain and injury that is a result of auto accidents. Most people are not aware that some auto accident injuries are so subtle that they are often not detected for weeks or even months following an accident.

A common complaint with auto accident victims is that they don’t feel like their normal selves. Besides the obvious injuries such as whiplash, bruising and muscle stiffness you may be experiencing neck pain, back pain, headaches, numbness, and more subtle symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, trouble sleeping or find that you cannot concentrate and are tired all the time.

Because back pain and neck pain can be early signs of a severe problem, you should see a medical professional quickly. Ignoring the discomfort in your neck and back might make for more complex medical problems.

Auto accident injuries

Auto Accident Injuries

When the rains falls, we know to expect calls from our regular patients and new referrals to address pain stemming from car accident injuries. When roads are slick and slippery, it is around 4 to 5 times more likely for an accident to occur when compared to calm weather. In the last decade and a half, my Chiropractic office in Columbus has seen hundreds of car accident and personal injury victims.


Back Pain Treatment

Never self-diagnosis back pain or neck pain; instead you should always seek professional advice and treatment. Ignoring back and neck pain could create other health problems that are more serious.
Some of the various conditions that cause back pain and neck pain can include everything from injury and infection to twisting or turning "the wrong way".


Neck Pain and Treatment

I provide treatment for many different kinds of injuries. There are many different causes for neck pain, back pain, chronic headaches, sciatica etc. and can include auto accidents, work related injuries, injuries as a result of domestic chores, and even sometimes something as easy to do as sleeping in an awkward position.



Headache pain and treatment

Chiropractic care, is geared towards correcting the underlying causes behind many types of headaches. This article will define the five basic types of headaches - tension, toxic, sinus, cluster and migraine so you can get a better grasp on what type of headache you may be dealing with.


There are a host of reasons people experience back pain and neck pain, including injuries, infections, accidents, and sometimes even turning or twisting. Muscles, joints, ligaments, and vertebrae can undergo considerable trauma and resulting injury from auto and other types of accidents.

Our goal is to help people lead a more healthful lifestyle, free of discomfort, by removing the cause of their problems as cheaply and quickly as possible.

If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, or have been injured in an auto collision, we may be able to help.